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I lead teams

14 years in leadership

  • Leading teams of 4 to 250 since 2008
  • Founder of multiple non-profits (9y), SMBs (3y) and Startups (7y)
  • Practical experience in building diverse, multi-language, multi-culture teams (8y)
  • Serial entrepreneur from heart, founded and validated more than 30 projects
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CodeBerry School | Visit site
Co-founder, CEO, CTO for a team of 40 from 14 countries. Raised €1.5M VC funding in three rounds. 100% remote team.
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YearCompass | Visit site
Co-founder and Project Lead for a not-for-profit. Used by millions every year, translated to 52 languages. 100% remote team.
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Invisible University | Visit site
Co-founder and Lead of a soft-skill-learning focused student organization led by hundreds of volunteers in 4 countries.
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ABF Informatics 
Co-founder CEO, CTO for an SMB developing patient-safety software using self-generated code for the Hungarian Healthcare System.

CTO, architect, engineer for 18+ years

  • Full-stack generalist, touched and worked with every aspect of software engineering
  • Specialist in vertical integration: comfortably working on every aspect, from infrastructure to UX design
  • Tech lead with human touch – focuses on people-first management as a leader
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I'm a tech generalist

My actual strongest stack

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I help the talented

500+ hours spent in teaching and coaching

  • Extensive experience in leading workshops for 3 to 150 people
  • Helped team leaders on 1-on-1 leadership coachings for more than 5 years
  • Published many practical tools and curriculum for fellow business founders
  • Startup & Scaleup Board Member of the Association of the Digital Economy in Hungary

I always look back on our sessions with gratitude

I could not have wished for a better leadership coach than László. I always felt safe during our sessions and knew I could open up to him. He not only listened to me patiently without judgment, but he facilitated the work with spot-on questions.

We peeled down the symptoms from the real source of the problem in no time. Together we always explored a range of inspiring possible solutions using various challenging "homeworks". He helped me to become a better leader and I am grateful for that.

Helping me become the confident leader I am today

My leadership experience with László was truly fruitful. László fostered an atmosphere to bring out my own personal leading style.

He is someone who is able to see your potential and what kind of a leader you could be, and he pushed me to be that leader instead of trying to fit me into a mould. This experience helped me to understand my own strengths and weaknesses as a leader, and it also showed me the importance of being true to myself.

Invaluable experience with very good intentions

Working with László was an amazing experience—he was always professional and willing to help. He tried to pass on his knowledge and experience of the startup world to us and helped us identify areas where we needed to improve our thinking. He always treated the team with utmost respect and he showed a lot of patience where we needed time to organize our thoughts.

We would definitely choose him as our mentor again—he's an invaluable resource with very good intentions.

Our sessions helped me become a better strategist

Laszlo is one of the best leadership coaches I have ever worked with. His approach was rooted in deep and active listening that helped him recognize patterns I couldn't see from my own vantage point. Reflecting those patterns back to me unlocked a new understanding of myself and new ways to approach my problems.

Our sessions together helped me become a better leader for my product team and a better strategist for our company, in a safe, non-judgmental, and effective environment.

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